The city of Kobe seen from Higashinada Ward
Jan 2016
Rural scenery of Kobe Nishi Ward
Jan 2016
Organic farmer in Nishi Ward
Jan 2016
Awaji Island seen from Shioya
Jan 2016
Artists gathered at a hostel in Shinkaichi
Jan 2016
Rokko Mountain seen from Sakai Ward
Jan 2016
Bag Atelier under the overpass of Nada Ward
Dec 2015
Kobe's night view
Feb 2016

Why not try living in Kobe?

Work itself is life for us.
Because my home and workplace are so close to each other, I go home and eat with my family during my breaks.
I sometimes go to the beach to swim during working hours.
The mountains are close by, so I can hike up before going to work.
On the way home after work, I buy locally grown vegetables and stop by the beach to have a beer.
On weekends, bike riding on nearby islands is just a ferry ride away.
Because the farms are so close by, I can get to know the farmers and buy my vegetables directly from them.
So many examples of lifestyles in Kobe. Here are the stories of people who work and live here.